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Founder’s Story: Tri Agung Pramono Adhi

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

At first, technically I was only involved in determining the location of the factory (land and physical buildings) then after the land and building were purchased, Silvano & Ditta (my partners) were involved in the layout of the factory including providing input on proper property details for a Fine Italian Cheese Factory.

After the factory is ready, Silvano then determines and purchases all production machinery and equipment directly from Italy and arranges its shipments to Indonesia. Machinery and equipment arrived in Indonesia a few moments later followed by a team from Italy (technicians, consultants, cheese masters) who immediately worked to prepare the factory for production. On the other hand, I was busy looking for a supply of milk that had good quality according to the standard raw materials for fine cheese and at the same time Silvano and Ditta began settling in Bali to market our products.

In a short time, our products have gotten many customers who are "classy". Some of the 4/5-star hotels and famous restaurants use our products. While in terms of production, master cheese, assisted by a number of local staff, is trying to meet quite a large market demand. I know the struggle of Silvano and Ditta is very very extraordinary and all out. so that this family business can run even though there are not a few obstacles and obstacles encountered.

Despite many problems and obstacles, Alhamdulillah we are still able to survive and we will still make all efforts to be able to expand the flag of PT. Indonesian Tronti with Camilla La Mozzarella.

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