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About Us

Camilla La Mozzarella is a family business established back in 2014 by Silvano Tronti, an Italian businessman with his wife Ditta Sari, and his businessman father-in-law Tri Agung. All founders are very determined in being the leading fine cheese company in Indonesia, mirrored by the cheese quality approved by many foreigners staying in Bali and also the restaurants and 4 to 5 star hotels that entrust their cheese supply with Camilla.

The Vision of Camilla La Mozzarella is to be the best halal fresh fine cheese producer in Indonesia. It will be achieved by running Camilla’s missions:


To always provide fresh cheese with the best quality possible


To provide international level of service to our partners


To use the best local ingredients to maintain the freshness from raw ingredients to the finished products


And to always strive for the better in all aspects of the business.

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rumah tangga


Here are our production and distribution certification for us to operate in Indonesia. These certifications indicates our intents of keeping our production and distribution process safe, clean, and professional.

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