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Been travelling so much around the world, Silvano and his wife always have a deep passion about foods. This passion brought them into a restaurant business in some countries. Running a food business had always been in the family blood. Having mozzarella factory was never been Silvano's first experience, but surely never came across in his mind to open a factory in Indonesia. But the plan change since their last visit to Bali, as they fell in love with the island and decided to stay. Together with his working partner Salvatore, who has been his partner in making cheese since 1995, and full family support we import to Indonesia the cheese maker, NOT the cheese.

Our objective was simple: to produce Italian dairy product to the highest standards using solely local and fully natural products. We follow the antique original recipe of South of Italy – further developed and together mastered by our family business – but produce everything from their Jogjakarta based factory


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