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Bowl of Shredded Cheese

It looks like a bowl of ice-cream, and indeed it is named exactly like Stracciatella gelato. But don’t get us wrong now because this is a Stracciatella di bufala. Using shredding technique, this is essentially a specially shredded variant of Mozzarella cheese soaked into fresh cream to craft its creamy flavor.

It can be served on top of your risotto or flaked on top of your Gnocchi ala Sorrentina. But a simple presentation of stracciatella on top of your tomato salad can be the best for these tropical days. Get your Stracciatella now and enjoy the vibrant Italian cheese now only with Camilla La Mozzarella.

Stracciatella cheese is a variation of mozzarella shredded into fine layers and soaked into a bowl of fresh cream to craft its lively flavor. The word Stracciatella itself means exactly that. It is native to the Apulian region of Italy, like most of Camilla La Mozzarella’s variants, and is often employed to equip the creamy flavor of Gnocchi ala Sorrentina, another beautiful Italian dish coming from the region.

You can easily add Stracciatella to your bowl of salad, or flake it on top of your risotto dish. The beautifully crafted Stracciatella will do just fine with the tropical weather of Indonesia, and as some indeed says, this version of cheese makes the perfect mix for a warm, sunny days of Southern Italy and so does with Indonesian weather. Get yours now from Camilla La Mozzarella and ensure the most vivid eating experience with the creamy shreds of Apulia.

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