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Camilla la Mozzarella Certifications

Updated: Mar 12

As a mozzarella cheese producer with the determination to become a leading quality cheese producing company in Indonesia, Camilla la Mozzarella also pays attention to the safety of cheese products with several certifications. These certifications are MUI and BPOM. Camilla has MUI certification (Indonesian Ulema Council) to guarantee that the cheese products we produce are 100% halal cheese. Apart from MUI, Camilla also has BPOM certification to ensure that the cheese we produce is cheese that is safe for consumption because it has passed tests from the BPOM (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan). Camilla also has NKV certification as a sign that Camilla products are hygienic and guaranteed safe for the animal products used.

And there is another thing that we just got, namely HACCP or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point certification. This certification is the third guarantee that the cheese we produce is of the best quality and safe for consumption. This certification means that Camilla cheese has been recognized internationally.

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