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Cheese Highlight: Nodini

This interesting knot-shaped mozzarella cheese is the tradition back in Puglia, Italy (or in English, Apulia). It has a characteristic, fresh and milky flavor brought by careful selection of milk quality and well-thought incubation process, but what most important is the traditional kneading and hand-knotting of this fine-tuned cheese into its original shape, done only by the finest hand that could create its soft and supple texture.

Our Nodini Mozzarella is certainly up to the highest possible standards that we can achieve. With careful selection of base milk and precise incubation and curdling process, we ensure the quality of the cheese and finally, topped with our perfected knotting techniques, generate the original Nodini Mozzarella experience for you.

From Salad to Cheese and Antipasto or even finger foods, Nodini Mozzarella surely fits your definition of the perfecto-cheese.

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