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How to Made Ricotta Cheese?

Ricotta cheese has a unique pattern because it's molded in a container. Before becoming solid and having a distinctive pattern, this cheese resembles snow. It's white and has a soft texture. This cheese is perfect to accompany your salad or pizza. 

Ricotta cheese is one of the typical cheeses that is very easy to find in Italy. The making of this cheese is done by maximizing the leftovers from the initial production process, then heated, filtered, and shaped with a specific container. True to its name, "recocta" or meaning cooked again. After it's formed and solid, the ricotta cheese is released from its mold and ready to be distributed. That's how Ricotta is made. 

Camilla la Mozzarella, as an Italian cheese producer in Indonesia, also produces Ricotta cheese. If you want Ricotta cheese, you don't need to visit Italy because Ricotta cheese is available at Camilla la Mozzarella.

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